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  • Day 1

    17th September 2020

  • Come in early and start networking with exhibitors in the trade show and other delegates. Perhaps you might meet for a virtual coffee prior to the sessions commencing.

  • Welcome to the conference. Your host for the event previews the conference and explains how proceedings will work

  • Centralised, de-centralised, centre-led or perhaps a hybrid? What type of procurement model will best enable your organisation to meet its goals?

  • Failures in the supply chain, particularly for critical PPE, became commonplace during the early days of the pandemic and received widespread attention in the media. So what do we do to ensure supply, at fair prices, in the future? Among the issues to explore are: • The failure (or otherwise) of current distribution models • Alternative supply arrangements • Managing prices when demand soars and the ‘opportunists’ jump in • How we manage the risk going forward.

  • How do you know if you are getting a good deal? This live benchmarking exercise will identify average, best and worst prices for commonly bought PPE items during the pandemic.

  • Grab a coffee and take a virtual stroll through the trade show. Enter the virtual booths and engage in instant video calls with exhibitor representatives. Just like walking on to a trade show booth at an in-person event, but from the comfort of your own desk.

  • • Automating government reporting requirements is achievable • Existing technology in taxis ensures you always know where your clients are travelling to • Track and monitor client spend in real time

  • • What is the theory of Supplier Engagement? • How does Supplier Engagement in an Aged Care supply chain work? • How different is Supplier Engagement to customer engagement and employee engagement? • Which supplier(s) to engage? • What’s involved? • Should Supplier Engagement be the responsibility of Procurement? Hear the key lessons RSL LifeCare Procurement learned through adopting a supplier engagement program. Is it worth the invested time and resources?

  • E-procurement is often viewed simply as a mechanism to drive efficiencies and introduce standardization across the purchase to payment process – but it can be so much more! This presentation will explain how a well-executed procure-to-pay strategy can drive significant change, not only within your own organisation but also for suppliers, whilst enhancing internal customer service.

  • Bolton Clarke quickly responded to changing government and business requirements and addressed gaps in data collected by existing business applications through delivery of low-cost apps that: • Managed PPE inventory levels and usage - enabling demand forecasting for critical supplies • Screened visitors and staff entering Bolton Clarke sites – ensuring visibility of screening processes at sites and reducing the risk • Tracked infections – providing a consolidated central view of residents across all sites being isolated with symptoms and their pathology results Hear how they did it using technology that many of you will already have access to, the Power Apps platform within Microsoft Office 365.

  • The need to measure and demonstrate savings is usually a given for procurement, but what about the other value contributions that good procurement brings? How do we measure, track and communicate the value procurement brings through managing risk, meeting organisational ESG/sustainability goals, driving innovation and new revenue streams? Peter will show you how to create effective measures and how to build dashboards that clearly communicate the total value contribution you bring to your organisation.

  • The sessions may be over for the day, but now is a great time to explore the trade show, meet potential new suppliers and catch up with old ones.

  • Take the opportunity to meet with exhibitors in the trade show. Find new suppliers, catch up with old ones and ensure you are in the game for major prizes by answering your gamification questions.

  • Day 2

    18th September 2020

  • Come in early and share a virtual coffee with other delegates or with suppliers in the virtual trade show.

  • Welcome to the conference. Your host for the event summarises day one, previews day two and explains for new arrivals how proceedings will work

  • Managing 24 hospitals and facilities comprising of more than 3,400 beds, SJOG Health is a large and complex healthcare provider. With scale comes the challenge of integrating multiple data platforms. Hear from Josh & Ben on how they have undertaken the huge task of creating a Procurement spend data platform. Josh & Ben will discuss: • Developing a Data Platform to Increase efficiency, visibility, compliance and deliver savings • Ensuring the data you have represents what you want it to • Increasing compliance • Saving money • Driving out waste • Proving the value of information in order to receive organisational support

  • In this session our panel will share their expertise and experiences in identifying, and responding to, the risks and WHS/OHS duties associated with staff using their own vehicle for work purposes (the ‘Grey Fleet’). Focus will be paid to the impact of COVID-19 and Workplace Manslaughter on staff transportation and Employer-duties.

  • Hear how the procurement team at Bolton Clarke successfully managed the day-to-day challenges arising from the Covid crisis and kept themselves a few steps ahead of evolving issues, resulting in increased recognition internally as a vital part of the organisations crisis response team.

  • It’s just a floor right? Wrong. This session will examine your flooring is: • Your number one visual communicator (first impressions, brand identity, direction of flow, warmth, comfort and ability to encourage social interaction) • A large part of the infection control weaponry ( referencing recent changes to the Australian Health Facility guidelines and how different floors in different areas should be used) • A critical part of the health and safety of a building relating to patients and staff and slips and falls. (reference Australian standards and current challenges with certifiers) • Designing for dementia and bespoke options– We have worked with a leading dementia organisation (Stirling Dementia Services Development centre (DSDC) to develop flooring that reduces stress and anxiety. The basics of dementia friendly design.

  • This presentation will highlight the ‘Best Practice Food and Nutrition Manual for Aged Care’. This manual has recently been updated to include the ‘International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative’ (IDDSI). IDDSI reflects the current standards for food texture modification and liquid consistency (replacing ‘Australian Standards for Texture Modified Food’). Organisations involved in procurement will be made aware of its relevance to the aged care sector.

  • With the pandemic having highlighted issues in traditional supply chains and amid ongoing political tensions with China, supply chain risk has rapidly ascended to the top of the procurement priority list. There is much talk of ‘reshoring’, dual sourcing and/or local sourcing, but what is the reality in the near future? What strategies can you employ to balance the need to ensure supply with other important factors, such as cost, quality, timeliness and your ESG agenda?